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They said the best way to lose weight was to cut your calories and exercise more. You tried that and it made you tired, grumpy, hungry and really frustrated.

 The traditional diet advice is often vague, out of date or too restrictive to work long term. And when you throw stress into the mix to sabotage you and knock you off track it just seems impossible. What if I told that you could reach a healthy weight for you and maintain it without having to relentlessly count calories? And that this was all about mindful eating, balanced nutrition, stress management and a sustainable way of life for your future.

My name is Liz Pilling and I have struggled with weight issues and chronic stress for much of my life, and have spent years trying all the different diets out there.

But it wasn’t until I trained as a Nutritional Therapist that I realised all the damage I was doing to my metabolism with the calorie restriction, and how much of an impact my lifestyle, and particularly the stress, was having on my weight and wider health without me even realising. 

Now I am a Metabolic Health coach and I specialise in helping busy people like you who are confused about what they need to do to reach their healthy weight and are looking for answers, motivation and accountability to get there.

I take away the guilt and replace it with an evidence based approach to help you to feel confident in making the best choices for you and to create a great relationship around food. I do this using a combination of education, coaching and practical support, so that losing weight doesn’t have to feel so complicated– even if you’re already juggling work, family and social commitments. You may even end up with more energy, less stress, brighter skin and less digestive discomfort as an added bonus.

Since completing my nutrigenomics training I have been amazed by the insights that are available, and the difference it can make to be able to create such evidence based personalised plans for my clients, as well as myself. All my life I had said that I didn’t have an “off button” where food was concerned, and my Lifecode Gx Metabolic report shows that I have genetic SNPs that affect my ability to recognise when I’m full and that tell me when I’m hungry – so I wasn’t actually too far off the mark!


Liz Pilling


Registered Nutritional Therapist and Metabolic Health Coach

My clients often describe themselves as being ‘life-long failed dieters’, living with more stress than they know how to manage. They have often lost their get up and go and feel exhausted all the time, and they just want to start living their best lives.

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Evidence based approach

I base my advice on reliable and up-to-date research, ensuring I provide the best guidance for your health. As new research emerges, recommendations are updated, ensuring you receive effective strategies tailored to your needs.

I also work with Lifecode Gx with their highly researched genome testing.

Personalised nutrition

I tailor recommendations to your unique needs, boosting health outcomes and improving nutrient intake. It’s easier to stick with as it considers your needs and preferences, and can help manage conditions, as well as support weight management. It’s like having a trusted friend guiding you to a happier, healthier life.

Support and accountability

I provide all my clients with down to earth support, and will always be your cheerleader, celebrating all the wins with you. I also will be there to ensure that you remain accountable for the actions you commit to taking to reach the goals you both desire and deserve.

How I can Help

One to one consultations

In my one to one consultations I can personalise nutrition and lifestyle plans to your health issues and exact dietary requirements. We can dig deep into your health concerns and find the root cause of your symptoms. I listen to your story and we work together to prioritise your actions, we have time to concentrate on you and your needs, and I am there to support and motivate you along the journey.

Group programmes

I currently run 2 group programmes which provide a fresh approach to overcoming energy, stress, and weight struggles. Both are run online and provide a combination of education, coaching and practical support. A new gut programme is coming in the Autumn

how it works

Step 1 - Book your call

Click on the link below to book your free 30 minute health and energy review. Choose a date and time and answer a couple of questions to help me know what you want to focus on on your call. Don’t forget to put it in your diary (although I will email to remind you)

Step 2 - Your call

I usually use Zoom, or WhatsApp video, as this means we can see each other too. I will send you a link before the call and we will join at the agreed time. You will have the time and space to tell me about your health journey so far, what you would like your health to be like, and what needs to change for that to be possible.

Step 3 - Working together

If you decide, following our discussions, that I am the right person to help you towards your health goals, I will talk you through all that we need to do to begin our journey together.


The knowledge she has passed onto us in group has really helped me focus on my eating habits and the food that I eat. This journey isn’t like any other I have been on, if I had a bad day, I didn’t need to beat myself up. I just needed to re-focus and get back on my journey. I went down a dress size, I’m so happy.

TB, Metabolic Foundations client

Things I like include the weekly challenge and adding small achievable things. It has not felt at all overwhelming. I like your presentation style… it is simple… backed up with visual and practical examples of how what you are asking us to do can be achieved. I like the fact that you are very normal and are not one of those nutritionists that say you have to eat perfectly all the time. Your kindness and compassion towards others shines through

SA, Metabolic Foundations client

I found the 6 week course easy to follow and very informative, with weekly challenges to to encourage me to form ‘habits’. Liz is easy to speak to and fully supportive, and I found the weekly zoom session and Whatsapp group really helpful. I was really pleased at losing over 7 pounds, and inches off my hips, waist and chest.

AH, Metabolic Foundations client

If you would like to step into the healthiest most vibrant you possible, the journey starts here.

I would love to travel with you as you regain your spark and energy, guiding you through some of the challenges of losing weight, while you juggle your busy life. Book your free health and energy review today.